Online Lessons

Here you can join our online lessons.

Online lessons covers all areas of what we teach, Martial Arts, Fitness and well being. Lessons are being added all the time.

The videos can be accessed 24 hrs per day 365 days a year.

You can train at your own pace!

Go over the lessons as many time as you like!

To gain rank / certification you must work your way through the levels from beginner up.

To test you must video yourself performing the techniques for that particular level.

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Master Keith Gilliland is available to answer your questions via E Mail at

Also 1-2-1 lessons can be arranged and done over skype.


Our Programs & Lessons

Facebook Groups for Lessons, Discussions and more!

Lessons and downloads through our website


Kali – Volume 1

Covers all the techniques required for basic level 1

£19.95 p&p included!


Kali – Volume 2

Covers all the techniques required for basic level 2

£19.95 p&p included!

Kali Manual 1 – Program 1

Full colour pictures show all the techniques in detail for level 1 in our Kali program.

Available as a book – £12.95 p&p included! (UK Only, for international please inquire}

Also available as a pdf to download – £5.95