What Is Jeet Kune Do ?

Jeet Kune Do

What is it?

Jeet Kune Do was founded by Bruce Lee and translates from Cantonese as “The Way Of The Intercepting Fist”

The full name of the system is Jun Fan Gung Fu Jeet Kune Do, Jun Fan was Bruce Lee`s Chinese birth name.

Jeet Kune Do is a non-classical hybrid system that includes concepts and techniques from various different styles of Martial Arts.

The idea of intercepting is key to Jeet Kune Do, whether it be the interception of your opponent’s technique or his intent. The basic guiding principles are: simplicitydirectness and freedom (the form of no form)

Lee did not want to be bound by one particular style or idea. He would quote “Using No Way As The Way; Having No Limitation As Limitation”

In Jeet Kune Do there are four main ranges of combat that the student trains in

  1. Kicking
  2. Punching
  3. Trapping
  4. Grappling

There are various ways of attacking and these were categorised by 5 methods

  1. Single Direct Attack
  2. Attack By Combination
  3. Progressive Indirect Attack
  4. Hand Immobilisation Attack
  5. Attack By Drawing

Another important component of Jeet Kune Do training is the centre line theory.

The three guidelines for centreline are:

  1. The one who controls the centre line will control the fight.
  2. Protect and maintain your own centre line while you control and exploit your opponent’s.
  3. Control the centre line by occupying it.

Keith Gilliland

Chief Instructor & Founder

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