Do people really listen?

Do students really listen in class?

I look at students and think you’re really not listening, are you? Your making out you are but if I ask a related question a few minutes later you look at me as if to say what are you on about?

People in general do not listen properly, they do not concentrate on what’s being said to them. Children in particular seem to find it hard to actually listen and take in what’s being said to them!

Concentration is hard to focus on. We have a saying in our Academy, Look, Listen and Learn. Do not talk when being spoken to by the Instructor. Another way of helping concentration on listening is to make students assume a listening stance. Hands behind the back, feet a shoulder width apart, looking straight at the Instructor.

Try an exercise where you explain something to the students, no listening stance just talk to them about a topic then do something else not related to what you just said i.e.; a technique. After this go back and ask them about what you were explaining before the technique and see what they remember.

Now tell them to assume the listening stance and explain another thing, anything you wish related to your class then again do something else not related to the topic you just did. After this go back again and see what they remember. I’m sure you will see and hear a difference because you’ve made them concentrate more by way of the listening stance.

Attention Stance

Listening Stance

Two tools to help with concentration.

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