This is the foundation of all we do.

The basics are literally the building blocks of your training learning and development in Martial Arts.

When your learning your basics you should be striving for good form and correct method of delivery.

A lot of students want to skim over or even skip basic practice.

In my decades of involvement in Martial Arts and other sports it’s the basics that count.

Champion fighters use basic techniques to win.

Watch a pro boxer shadow boxing going through his paces.

High level grades should look at being able to perform the basics in an advanced way. By this I mean they should be mastering the techniques to a high level. There should be all the ingredients coming together, correct delivery, speed, power, timing, focus, balance, accuracy and control.

Like the saying goes “repetition is the mother of all technique” so if we repeat and repeat our basics, we will begin to gain mastery and perfection is our goal.

Do not neglect practice of your basics whether in line drills, shadow boxing, pad bag work. Whatever training your doing, style you practice get your basics down.

Think of it like fine tuning the engine.

Think of it like the roots of a tree, the foundations of a building. If they are weak then everything else is weak.

Make your basics strong, confident in the knowledge that you’ve practiced and practiced and are still honing them, sharpening them.

Chief Instructor & Founder

Keith Gilliland