Jack Of All Trades!

Jack Of All Trades!

These days lots of parents want their kids to do lots of different activities, sports etc. That’s fine but there should be a time when they start to specialize and focus on one area. This will allow them to progress and get much better and attain a higher level particularly in competition.

Doing lots of different sports all the time does not allow them to be specific so they will not be able to reach the levels of other children who are specific to their chosen sport.

Sport is about being competitive and striving to be the best. Yes, its ok for you to say its taking part that counts but is winning not important? Are we developing a loosing mentality by saying that?

If we want to succeed and be really good at something we must immerse our selves into it, dipping in and out, coming to class once a week or whenever you feel like it is not good enough, not by far!

Why be the jack of all trades when you could be the master of one?

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of kid’s competition and the ones who come out on top are the ones who are consistent at what they do, their training, their approach, their parents understand what’s needed to become a top competitor, to rise above the rest!

If you just say well they do one sport one day, another the next and so on that’s where it will remain. Specialization is the key. I’m not saying give up everything, I’m saying be more specific in your chosen area. Give it a good chance by going more, training and learning more and develop your sport.

Keith Gilliland

Chief Instructor & Founder

Gilliland Martial Arts & Fitness Academy